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This is a standing male mannequin model, suitable for showing a variety of styles of clothing, and his same series of models have many postures, you can contact us to order

This is one stand pose male mannequin,with abstract egg head,the male mannequin with cheap price,very hot sale in market.This full body mannequin with matte grey color,if you need other color,we can change it for you.

The adult mannequin also have other styles,you can contact with us to get catalog.


abstract mannequin

This series of mannequins is suitable for displaying fashionable casual men's wear, suits and other clothing, which will make the clothes look temperament. These male mannequins with matte grey color can display dark suit,if you need other colors,we also can customized according to you need. The fiberglass mannequins with cheap price but in high quality,you can contact with us to get more details.

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