“Ghost”Mannequin Break the Traditional Model of Photography

This is an email from the customer's feedback. Products made on a painstaking effort may not need to be explained more. Good products description with strength. (Full name of the customer will be hided because of privacy issues.The blue flied is the feedback our customers sent us ).

Hi, I am Percy from a photography company in Arizona ,USA. I am very grateful to receive your ghost mannequins. That brought us a great convenience.

For the common mannequin we used previous ,It caused a lot of inconveniences because of fixed pose . Firstly, mannequin body obstruct the brands logo in back neckline , We have to do a lot PS steps to deal with this problem . However, after using ghost mannequin, we just need simply PS post-production to successfully highlight the charm of clothing and brand advantage . It all depends unique characteristics and flexibility of ghost mannequin. Secondly, when we use live models for shooting, there are a large number of uncertain factors. For example, in order to unify the design expression and the fashion sense of my clothing brand ,we have to sign long-term cooperation with that live model as our brand spokesperson. This will undoubtedly to increase our costs. now, ghost mannequin not only saved us a lot of shooting costs, but also saved us a lot of manpower and time, once and for all.

Thank you very much, Let us know the power of "made in China". Due to we showed beautiful pictures on the website, products sales was improved significantly. Friends also seem to see the benefits of using ghost mannequin, All they asked that which company's mannequin can have such a unique design. Of course, good products should serve to more people, I have told them your contact information . And hope yours cooperation will be as pleasant and smoothly as we have been. Thanks .

    we appreciated to receive a feedback from customer. It gave us  more confidence which let us make better products. With the development of times and upgrading of products , my company also follow the market  trend , that ghost mannequins were born under the everyone's joint efforts. Ghost mannequin show us a 3D-like visual experience. Our products can be split up free according to the customer’s needs, split any parts you want . It can give us a feeling of vacuum after simple PS work, looks like an invisible ghost is wearing clothes. The feeling is  fresh, excited and mysterious.

  This is our ghost mannequin. What are you waiting for?

This is a picture of their studios using ghost mannequin when shooting

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