Why do you need to understand display when opening a store

1. In the age of beauty, we cannot rely solely on word of mouth

In the age of beauty, the days of only relying on word of mouth are long over, but with the Internet’s east wind, the reputation of many buyer stores has also risen, but whether it is to attract passersby or maintain the customers who come by, a buyer is a family of buyers. The furnishings of the store must meet the two requirements of good-looking and memorable.

The role of the display is to maximize the customer’s shopping experience and guide the customer’s shopping desire through visual stimulation. At the same time, the display plays a decisive role in the planning of the space. It can guide the customer to walk through the entire space to the greatest extent and improve the test. Probability of wearing and closing.


2. The status quo of the apparel industry is sluggish

In the retail industry, the apparel industry has been in a downturn in recent years. Preparing the display plan in advance is also an improvement in the ability to organize goods. It helps to make the OTB reasonable and grasp the correct inventory quantity of all goods in a timely manner to better avoid overstocking. Large, the turnover rate is too low and cause losses.

In fact, many buyers who do not understand the display also found that as long as the goods in the store are replaced with different display spaces and styles, the sales will increase significantly, but they have not realized that this is the function of display.


3. Modern people's buying loyalty is low

For buyers, especially collection stores, brand style is very important. Modern people have low purchase loyalty, and they don’t often go to one store to buy. The establishment of brand genes is even more important, forming memory points and irreplaceability. The big repurchase rate is the key. Letting customers look for this store when they want to buy similar styles of clothes is another big role that the display can play.

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