5 general display principles in retail stores!


When performing effective display, you must first consider the value of the product and its purchase frequency. For the product you want to sell, try to choose an eye-catching location for display. Even in the same position, these products must be displayed at the most conspicuous height in the effective display range, and work hard on the display method.


2. Easy to choose and take

Psychologically, people like simplicity, do not like complexity, and do not like to trouble others. If you want to try on a piece of clothing, or if you want to look at a product carefully, you need to trouble others, it will invisibly bring psychological pressure to customers. The shopping guide is busy, and the customer is likely to abandon this item. In order to cater to the customer's psychology and eliminate this buying pressure, we must use easy-to-choose and easy-to-access display methods when displaying.
3.Improve freshness
Displays with high freshness can make customers feel the richness of the products and the liveliness of the display. In a shop that you visit frequently, if you find that the products are different every time, it will also make people feel that the products in this shop are "updated quickly" and "sell very hot". If you don't sell them in time, you may not be able to buy them next time. ——Promote the transaction rate.
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