"Embedded" window

Today, I will share Dior's "embedded" window to my pulse friends. Are you all online for the 2020 autumn and winter window? Last month, the first-tier international brands have launched new terminals.
Many European countries under the epidemic have "locked the country" again, and the US terminal in the general election has nailed a plank again, and we, who are holding the "International Import Expo", have opened our arms to welcome visitors from all directions. The economic recovery has made the terminal active again.
Today’s “embedded” showcases and those “models that have not stepped forward” in the showcases really resemble people in Europe and the United States who have not emerged from the epidemic; obviously this is not what the window designer expressed. Intention, but it just so happens that I think it is also quite similar.
This kind of "embedded" was arranged in the exhibition hall in 2014. It is easy to implement, "naked" with pictures at the end of the article.
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