Visual Merchandising: How to Make Standout Product Displays

difference between a new customer and a lost sale. Your store needs to be consistently on it’s A game, delivering the best visual representation of your products at all times. For a retailer, this means having a visual merchandising strategy.
Visual merchandising encompasses everything from storefront displays and product displays to in-store signage. Providing a visually pleasing experience is the first step in establishing a connection with shoppers coming to your physical store. By learning and leveraging design techniques, you can easily transform your store into an aesthetic experience your customers will love.
Visual merchandising tips and techniques
You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create product displays that beautifully showcase your products and convert more people in research mode into paying customers. Just follow these 10 visual merchandising tips and techniques:
Understand your target customer’s psychographics
Get inspired
Appeal to the five senses
Use design theory to build your displays
Be bold
Play off your store’s theme
Guide customers through your store
Add interesting signage
Group products that are commonly bought together
Routinely refresh your product displays
Boost sales with six budget design ideas
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