Four major display areas of the store

1) Ground display
It is to put the exhibits directly on the ground or on the platform, which is generally suitable for large or heavy exhibits. Goods such as cosmetics and home furnishings are suitable for display in this way.
2) Wall display
The exhibits are displayed on the wall cabinet, which is convenient for customers to watch and touch. Generally applicable to clothing, glasses, jewelry and cultural and creative products.
3) Countertop display
Countertop refers to the countertop of the store's flow table. The countertop display is also the flow table display. Generally, the display on the flow table is to display the main products of the season, in the form of pp+ip.
4) Window display
The main products of the season are generally displayed in the windows, and the matching of the atmosphere props and the main products is used to attract the attention of customers and guide them into the store.
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