Ghost Mannequins for Product Photos

Do you plan on taking product photos to include on your store's website or in a physical product catalog? The right photos will enhance your store's products by presenting them in the most appealing manner possible, which is why it's important to choose an appropriate mannequin for this task. Snapping photos of shirts hanging on a rolling rack or peg board, for instance, isn't exactly appealing, as it prevents shoppers from seeing how it looks on the human form. Placing the shirt on a mannequin, however, will create a more realistic appearance to which shoppers can relate; thus, boosting sales in the process.

Rather than using just any ordinary mannequin to take photos of your store's apparel and products, you should use an invisible ghost mannequin. Ghost mannequins live up their namesake by creating the impression of an invisible mannequin. The arms, head, legs, and other parts can be easily removed so the garment looks like it's floating in mid air. By making your garments appear to float in the air, you can take phenomenal photos without the distraction of mannequin appendages. These photos can then be used in your store's product catalog, brochure, website, or any other marketing material.


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