Two misunderstandings of display

1. Display for display

Many shopkeepers have realized the significance and importance of display, so they have worked hard on the display of goods. All methods are used. Finally, the store becomes crowded and POP is everywhere. Every product is the focus. , The products block each other, grab the limelight from each other, and are colorful...I feel suffocated when I walk in.

Shop display sometimes needs to be subtracted. It is not a good display to show every feature of all products in front of customers. The display is of a clear order, step by step, and interlocking.


2. Being beautiful is not a display

Many people rightly believe that as long as the clothing store is displayed nicely and beautifully, it will attract the attention of customers, and attracting the attention of customers will naturally promote customers to buy clothing, and sales performance will increase. But to be precise, clothing display is an important part of visual marketing and a comprehensive discipline. Therefore, good-looking and beautiful is not the fundamental purpose of the display. Just being beautiful without increasing sales is useless!

Most customers go to the store to buy clothing not just on impulse purchase when they are attracted or liked, but also involve the cost-effectiveness of the clothing, the relevance of the clothing, and the theme of the clothing.


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