Afellow let customers use safe and secure products

Afellow let customers use safe and secure products

With the development of industry, the technologies we use are increasingly scientific and intelligent.However, it also produced a lot of environmental issues.Due to many products have to use or product chemical raw material in the production process.So countries have always advocating environmental protection,the main aim of make our Afellow products more safe and pollution-free.

 We Afellow company is an advocate of environmental protection. Our Afellow company is already aware of this problem which the relevant government coercive measures has not come out before.Our afellow manufacturing process uses raw materials such as paints that may cause environmental pollution. Therefore, we afellow invested heavily in the introduction of photocatalytic equipment that can to decompose organic pollutants into inorganic small molecules such as carbon dioxide and water, and the purification effect is complete. At the same time, the photocatalystic equipment itself without loss, and it is regarded a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of environmental clean-up in the 21st century by environmental protection field .The technology not only has great potential in wastewater treatment, but also has broad application prospects in air purification.

 With the environmental protection equipment,we can plant some vegetables ,fruits and plants directly in the open space around our Afellow factory.These non-pollution foods are safe to eat.Let customers safer to use our afellow products.

 In time of worsening global air environment, our company have the responsibility and obligation to contribute to the protection of the environment . Although we are still a growing company , we are still doing what we can.

Our factory picture

Our plant some vegetables and fruits

Our photocatalytic equipment




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