How to build an eye-catching store

In this fast-paced society, people are full of impatience, even if they are shopping, they are not so patient. So we often say: the time left by the customer is only 3 seconds.
If he passes through your store and sees it, there is no desire to enter the store within 3 seconds, then you lose a single. So how to seize the customer's mind within 3 seconds is especially important.
If you want to make your store an explosion, we recommend these 3 tricks: special materials, strong colors, and unique products.
a.    Special material
I remember when I went to a shopping mall last week, I was suddenly attracted by a store. Nothing else, just because it wrapped the display table with laser sequins in the window, and instantly jumped out of the row of dark doors.
This is the irritating feeling of different materials. A futuristic material such as laser or sequins is really recommended, because it is both hot and eye-catching this year.
b.    Strong colors
Using color to catch the eye is the lowest cost and the easiest way to get started. It doesn't have to be bright, at least different from the store next door.
If you don't want to make a difference, then use it to play tricks. Such as painting the shape.
c.    Unique products
In short, it is to put the design style in the window. If it's not enough, let the model wear it.
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