To the International AFELLOW Brand

To the International AFELLOW Brand

Our Afellow company was very glad to participate in the Germany EUROSHOP exhibition after March 2017.It was not only because we have the ability to take part, but have the confidence of our Afellow mannequins have the strong competitiveness as well. For there is a large-scale invitation of the industry who elites gather here form all over the world. We feel greatly appreciated to attend this exhibition due to our company meets the requirements that companies with certain financial strength can participate. Moreover, it can also make the brand of Afellow being more and more popular as soon as possible.

In the invitation , We displayed a lot of our brand of Afellow products with creative and distinctive. For example: robot mannequin, boxing mannequin, running mannequin and PU mannequin etc. After We showed products there was lots of reaction on the scene. When the visitors saw our products they given us a higher praise. After we have explained our Afellow products in detail, they cann’t help placing orders. Therefore, our orders have enormous increase.

 In addition, during the exhibition we also met many old friends from all over the world who have a long-time cooperation with Afellow. It made us fell more geniality and profound when we met familiar person in the foreign country. Furthermore, the companies of a long-time cooperation with Afellow will become increasing to believe our Afellow's brand. So our Afellow company is hoping more and more companies could give us a chance to know each other. This will bring us a win-win situation. Why not let us to help each other get more profits?

Here share some AFELLOW exhibition pictures for you:




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