Mannequin torso forms.

Mannequin torso forms.

Mannequin Torso Forms are a popular option for retail stores, online sellers, as well as designers and tailors. They are a more affordable option than full-length mannequins. Mannequin torsos also require less space and can easily be hung up on walls in order to maximize floor space. If your business requires a mannequin for displaying its merchandise, you can choose from our fiberglass or plastic torsos. If you need to pin and fit articles of clothing onto a mannequin, our body forms will fulfill your needs. Torso mannequins are the inexpensive, space-saving choice for many sellers and tailors alike. Please see the below images of the Fiberglass Full Round Female Torso Forms.


For a more elegant look, you may opt for one of our high-quality fiberglass versions. In case you need to curb your expenditures, you might prefer our more inexpensive plastic torso forms. The plastic options are also extremely sturdy, making them a great choice for busy, crowded locations. Whichever mannequin torso form you choose, it will be an asset to your business as it helps attract the attention of your customers.


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