Mannequin Maintenance Tips

Mannequin Maintenance Tips

Purchasing mannequins for your store can be a significant investment. In order to maximize your investment and ensure the longevity of these mannequins, it is the key to keep them in tip-top shape. When it comes to proper mannequin care, be sure to keep the following maintenance tips in mind.


Make sure you have clean hands before you dress your mannequins. Before you style a mannequin, always make sure that you wash your hands, especially if you are using a matte finish form. Most marks and stains on mannequins are made by hands that haven’t been washed properly. To avoid unsightly stains, your best bet is to wash your hands thoroughly.


Take care when moving your mannequins. If you must disassemble your mannequins in order to move them, always take care when doing so. If you force a limb into place, it can break the fitting. This can be fixed, but the repair could be quite expensive.


Clean your mannequin regularly. Ideally, you will want to clean your mannequin with a damp cloth using a gentle soap or a very mild detergent every few weeks or so to keep it looking nice and clean.


Be on the lookout for sun damage. It’s best not to leave the same mannequin in your display window for months on end. Too much exposure to sunlight, particularly in hot climates, can lead to discoloration. This is especially true of mannequins with painted faces. Rotate the mannequins in the display window if possible to avoid leaving the same one in the window for too long.


Remember, the best way to prolong the lives of your mannequins is to take proper care of them.


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