Tips for creating a window display in your store.

Tips for creating a window display in your store.

As a retailer, your window display is one of the many ways that you can draw in new customers. Think of your window display as another type of marketing, but one that you can instantly change as a way to meet changing demands and trends. To maximize the effectiveness of your window display, keep the following advice in mind.

Create a Story

Instead of just finding everything in your store that is relevant to something, such as an upcoming holiday, use those items to craft a story. Around Valentine’s Day, passersby are more likely to be drawn to a display that has a theme, like mending a broken heart instead of one that just includes a random assortment of pink and red items. If you cannot figure out what story to tell, start with a theme and see where that takes you.

Be Aware of Eye Level

While a window display is large, the entire space is not equally important. You want to put the chosen elements, either the most critical or the most likely to draw attention, at eye level. To achieve this, have an employee stand outside your window and look in while another person marks the appropriate eye level of passersby. Now, set up your design so that at least most of the crucial elements are at eye level. Just remember to account for the varying heights in people and think of your clientele. If you sell kids’ clothing or toys, for example, you need items at the eye level of the children and items at the parents’ eye level.

Keep It Updated

The most successful retailers do not let their window displays stagnate. Instead, they make changes on a regular basis. In between major changes, update a few smaller items. For example, you can swap out one shirt on display for another or change the pictures you have on display. Keep in mind that changing your displays more frequently encourages people to look inside your store since they know there will be something new. If your display is always the same, it will start to blend into the background for passersby.


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