What to do when launching new products in spring

1) Use inspiring colors

The human eye is extremely sensitive to color, and color plays an important role in store marketing. This is why many excellent brands attach great importance to store color.


Spring is full of vitality, so the main color of the store in spring is to combine the time to create a fresh and lively atmosphere.

In the display, some agile and vital colors are preferred, such as green, pink, yellow and other colors as the main color, to create a comfortable space for customers and prolong their stay in the store.

Prada's fresh and green shop is simple, high-quality and eye-catching, and the ease of spring comes from the surface.


The pink shop of NOVELTY HIGH COUTURE is full of girly and full of vitality.



Jack Jones's latest offline flagship store also uses a large area of classic blue, stylish and high-end, with great visual impact.



2) A shop with a green body, decorated with flowers


Themed stores look more complete and representative than non-themed stores. Theme stores make it easier for customers to remember and associate.


The theme of the store is not static, but it needs to be updated with special periods such as seasons and festivals. The new nature in spring is also the period for the theme of store adjustment.

The theme of the spring shop is a good choice to link with nature. Spring is a season that symbolizes new life. Flowers and trees are all elements that can be used.


The use of elements and props is consistent and relevant, which not only creates a comfortable shopping experience for customers, but also greatly enhances customers' memory of the store.



3) Old commodity display among new

In the spring, the product display naturally highlights new products. It is necessary to select star products with explosive temperament from the new models, and let the "star" models be preferentially displayed in prominent places in the store, such as window, entrance VP, PP and other golden locations.



The matching display in the golden area must be done well. The new matching method in the spring can be turned into a cross-matching between the winter season that is about to pass the season and the new one in the spring. , Reduce inventory backlog.\

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