The most vital mannequin, full of elegance

Pregnant women are pregnant women and a status of human society

For pregnant women, the baby is very important, but I also hope that this time is beautiful ~

Although you cannot make up or dye your hair, you can still buy beautiful maternity clothes to dress up.


I often go to the mall, and I really like to observe the models display and the categories of model props in the specialty stores. But when I saw cracks and paint peeling on some models ’props, hands, feet, and other places, some even smelled acrid through the window glass, and some stores even put scented models at the door. I think this is not to attract customers through models, but to drive away customers with models.

What does the model smell? This shows that these are caused by the use of inferior materials. Not to mention affecting the customer's shopping experience, clerks who have been in the toxic odor for a long time are even more affected..

For the pregnant women's clothing store, this is the entrance and turning point of the beautiful life of pregnant women. Not only is the birth of a new life requiring care and attention, we also need to provide a clear, comfortable and safe customer consumption environment for the mothers who shoulder this heavy responsibility.

When AFELLOW business returns to visit customers, especially pregnant women brands, they will be asked: When the models purchased before have just been delivered, they will have a very pungent odor, which will take a long time to dissipate. Very bad. Especially for our clothing brand for pregnant women, it is difficult to conclude a business when smelling the scent on the model, but AFELLOW's models are not only of good quality but also no odor. Why? Let's tell everyone why the model props from AFELLOW don't smell!

Because we use internationally certified non-toxic scientific materials, the company has always adhered to the line of clean energy, smart environmental protection and sustainable development. This is not only responsible for customers, but also for the health of employees.

The shape of the mannequin is FRP, which is fiber reinforced composite plastic. Cured FRP is harmless to the human body. Has the following characteristics

1. Lightweight and high strength

2. Rebar strength

3. Good thermal performance

4. Has corrosion resistance

After more than ten years of exploration, the masters of AFELLOW have continuously improved the production process, reduced the bubbles, impurities and precipitates in the material, and optimized the composition formula of the curing agent, so that the model props can maintain the best state for longer.

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