Men's clothing shop window

A brand is a consumer's youth history, but time flies, youth is easy to age! Consumers who were once mature menswear brands are beginning to age. The fashion tastes of new consumers have changed dramatically. As a result, the morale of mature men's clothing at this stage is weak.

When talking to friends from 70/80 about their generation of men's clothing brands, Shachi, Rimba, Lilang, Jinlilai, Qipai, Seven Wolf and other brands are almost everyone talking about, and they are very excited about the famous brands in the past.


However, with the rapid development of the times, many menswear brands have appeared since the 1990s, subdividing categories such as fashion business, fashion and leisure, literary arts, designer styles, and tide brands.



However, with the rapid development of the market and the category being continuously subdivided, in fact, the requirements for the marketing capabilities of the stores are constantly improving. In the era of competing products, doing a good job of visual marketing operations will be every terminal retail Man's required course. Today I will talk about the traditional mature men's clothing, what needs to be done to change its window!

Good model props will make people shine. Therefore, when choosing models, we must pay special attention to the use of model props, fully consider the areas used by models, and whether the combination of models can form a good combination.




When choosing model props, you must pay attention to whether the area used by the model is a window, a running table, or a magnet, and whether the model's dynamic combination is more coordinated and natural.

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