The teaching head is also called the hairdressing head model, also known as the training head, which is a kind of human hair handicraft that inserts human hair on the rubber mannequin. It is an essential school supplies for hairdressing learning institutions, and it is an ideal head model for hairdressing students to practice basic skills such as various hairstyles, cutting, ironing, blow dyeing, etc.


In the teaching of beauty and hairdressing, the training  head bracket is often used to fix the teaching head for demonstration, practice, competition and other activities. Now the demand for teaching heads in beauty and hairdressing colleges is increasing, and for teaching heads with different hair qualities And size requirements are even more diverse.

China is currently a big country in the production and export of training heads, and as the source of teaching heads, we provide various customization needs for buyers from different countries, including the style development, design, face shape customization, and hair material customization of teaching heads. , length, color, density, etc. can meet the needs of customers. If you need to purchase teaching heads, you can contact us to provide you with the best service and the best price

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