Sports are evidence of love for life


Yoga series Mannequin

Mannequin is not only the first impression of customers entering the store

It is also the cover and weather vane of the store

Let the Mannequin tell their own story

Create a dynamic sense of value in clothing

Sports and leisure have gained the favor of trendsetters in the new era in recent years

Yoga style has become an eye-catching trend on the streets

This group of l * l * lemon style Yoga models

Following the trend of the trend

Specially scanned and drawn the shape based on a real model

Every frame

Free and carefree like flowing clouds and flowing water

No burden on the heart, no restraint on the body


The biggest feature of yoga suits is their lightweight and elastic fabric

l * l * lemon style Yoga model puts on a yoga suit

Cloudy softness stretches for freedom

Show a confident figure

Smooth lines

Accidental vest line

In the secretion of dopamine

Have an optimistic and healthy self!

Sports are evidence of love for life


Healthy upward self-discipline

Different yoga postures

Each consciousness is different

The models in this series use different poses

Exploring the charm of Yoga time and time again

The journey of exploration is also a reincarnation

Feel the beauty of the unity of heaven and man with your body!

In the showcase

Meet yourself and accept yourself!


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