UNIQLO’S flagship store in Ginza Tokyo

UNIQLO has opened global flagship store in Europe and the United States, and recently it opened a new store in Ginza, Tokyo. The store has designed a 12-story glass curtain wall window as the brand display of UNIQLO. Its atrium-style first and second floors create a lot of free space.



UNIQLO features the symbolic function of the global flagship store, such as the rotating model in the window, the digital signage using slatted shutter LEDs and displays, where visitors can see a large number of merchandises.


Each floor has its own unique style contrasted with a 12-story glass curtain wall brand. Enhance the space of privacy and openness, and provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the uniqueness of UNIQLO 's global flagship store. Since the opening of the world's first flagship store in 2006, UNIQLO's global flagship store design innovation has never stopped.

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