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LOTTIE-2 is a full body female mannequin with abstract face. The mannequin standing in fashion pose, with her legs crossed, arms carelessly lad down. You can dress her up in any type clothing, she will impress the customers by her beautiful pose.

The mannequin with fiberglass material in matte white color,we also can customized the according to you need,and if you also need other pose mannequins,of cause,we all have,you can download our catalog!

We are a professional model manufacturer. We have designers and 3D printing centers. We can design the models you need according to your pictures, and can also directly open models according to your samples. If you have batches of models to purchase, you can contact us.


abstract mannequin

Lottie are made out of high quality fiberglass adult mannequin, with matte white color. This set included two adult mannequins, the adult mannequin included abstract face. These two female mannequins are very good. Using them to display skirts or dresses will be very eye-catching. The surface of the adult mannequin is matte white, which will not be very dazzling when used in the window, and can bring out the details of the clothes.


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