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NOE1 is in classic standing pose, so don't worry that you can't match appropriate clothing for the mannequin, he is suitable for all kinds of clothing. His abdominal muscles are sculptured in great details. He turns his head to one side, the abstract face mannequin him fashionable.
The full body male mannequin material is fiberglass material,with matte white color,so it can display different styles clothes.
Our mannequins are hot sale in market,with cheap price in high quality,if you are looking for female mannequins,male mannequins,kid mannequins,don't miss our styles


abstract mannequin

This is a group of abstract male mannequins designed for fashion clothes shop mannequin. Look at their sexy bodies and tight muscles, they can perfectly display any type of clothing,use this clothes shop mannequin,your store will looks very upscale. From cool London street style to leisure sports and formal business suit, they can handle all of them. These mannequin are all in high-end matte finish.

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