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Fashion man mannequin for clothes store display,this is an adult man mannequin with high glossy white color,high quality fiberglass material,use this mannequin display clothes in your window,it will be attract more customers to buy your cloothes.

If your store needs a male mannequin to display clothes, then this is a very good choice. This male mannequin is very fashionable and can display suits or shirts, which will make your clothes look very high-end.


abstract mannequin

Not one like others can be found in ten thousand. There are only several pose options to choose and if you need an unique abstract mannequin to add some pop into your retail store, the PETER series is a wonderful choice! These fiberglass male mannequins are new design poses and hot sale in market,if you are looking for male mannequins,don't miss these styles full body male mannequins!

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