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This male mannequin is in walking movement, as if he is on a fashion show,will become the most dazzling male mannequin model.

From his muscle and the confident pose, you can tell that he made a good preparation for this show. The adult male mannequin is made from durable fiberglass, so he will look amazing for years. The sleek outlook is realized by glossy white finish. Take this handsome man back to your store, and he will definitely draw some new clients for you.


abstract mannequin

REX is a handsome muscular adult male mannequin group. The lifelike carved muscle and pose help them to display clothing perfectly. You can use this adult male mannequin line with the whole group mannequins, and display them in your store window. You can buy one of them to decoration your store or match a mannequin line with female mannequin. We have this kind of female mannequin too.

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