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This female mannequin is elegant . She is in fashionable sitting pose, with posable wooden arms. Her fashion pose allows her to wear any type of apparel. The nice abstract face with long black eyelash is always a great choice for clothing display, cause it is fashion and it will not disturb people's attention from the clothing.

The mannequin with wood arms can have different pose according to your clothes,and makes the clothes looks in high quality,this fashion female  mannequin very hot sale in market,no matter you re looking for mannequins for clothes display or you sale mannequins,don't miss this style!


abstract mannequin

When you see this group of female mannequins models, do you feel that your eyes are bright? This group of lady mannequin is a group of thin female models designed by our designers according to the preferences of market guests and the needs of clothing stores. They have elegant movements, abstract faces with long eyelashes, giving people unlimited imagination. There are wooden hands that can adjust the posture, it is really a group of very classic and hot-selling female mannequins

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