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This male mannequin in abstract form made from different materials , with movable waist parts .
In our online shop you will find a wide range of high quality male mannequins in various styles and prices. They were made in different poses, so that each customer can easily match them to their store. 
We are flexible - we do not design for one particular customer. Our male mannequins are used for presentation of elegant and smart outfits, as well as for displaying casual clothes or clothes which are intended for the youth market.


abstract mannequin

Here you will find a vintage selection of female and male mannequins for clients with special requirements.One of our most popular female male mannequins, created from different materials The articulated arms are made from real wood . These fabric mannequins are very hot sale in market,if you are looking for mannequins factory sale cheap price mannequins,don't miss our these series models.

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