Make-up head

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H1102 mannequin head without hair is a plastic wigs mannequin head. Many customer like to choose this make up face mannequin to display their wigs. You can tell the design of the mannequin head without hair is very simple.  This will help you to highlight what you need to show.

Meanwhile, the plastic material is not easy to be damaged. So, this mannequin head without hair can be used for a long time since it’s easy to keep. Use this mannequin head to display your goods can make your exhibits more eye-catching.

Welcome to order this mannequin head without hair from us!

Make-up head

head mannequin

There are multiple kinds of makeup head mannequins. They can be used to display jewelries, wigs, hats, scarfs and so on. We have high quality fiberglass mannequin head and cheap plastic mannequin head. Their realistic makeup face are finished by our professional artist. We believe that they can best meet your needs. Certainly, we're able to provide customized services to customers who need it.

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