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WEN 10

The WEN10 male human mannequin is a fashion pose realistic male mannequin that stands with his left foot slightly in front,giving him a natural and relaxed look.
This male realistic full body mannequin has beautiful light skin color that is perfect for anyone who look for realistic male mannequin for their store or shop.
His arms , hands , legs and upper body are detachable ,in order to easily change clothes for him . 


realistic mannequin

Realistic mannequin WEN series have muscular and young body. They look great for fashion window display. If you don't like make up face male mannequins used in most apparel stores, then we suggest you have a try of these high-end WEN series male mannequins. This series male mannequin is especially designed for fashion male clothing. All of them have lightly sculptured muscles, but that robust like sports mannequin. So this guys can display many kinds of male clothing, from casual jeans, shirts to formal business suit, they can do it all.


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