Jewelry stand display

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MNT Tailor Teaching Mannequin

This is a miniature cloth mannequin. It is made of an adult mannequin in the same proportion. This dressmaker mannequin can be used to display jewelry or pet clothing. This tailor teaching mannequin is also used for cutting the human body in clothing teaching. The torso dummy size is very small and easy to carry
If you are a beginner as a fashion designer and need to cut and cut clothes, then this tailor teaching mannequinis essential. In order to meet the needs of different sizes of clothes, we have developed three sizes at the same time, including 1/2 size. , 1/3 size, 1/4 size model can choose
Of course, if our existing size can not meet your needs, we can also customize according to your size

Jewelry stand display


This series products is a big collection of jewelry display stand.They have different shapes and using. Mainly be used as wooden jewelry display stand;necklace display stand;earring display stand;ring stand;hot sale new design stand for jewelry display;brand jewelry company display, If you also need such display stands, please contact us.

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