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This is one plus size female mannequin with fashion sense.With egg head for matte white color.

This female mannequin model is walking, her arms straight down naturally, as if she is walking on the T stage like the model. This new design plus size female pose is simple and classic making her as a wonderful choice. She could rock any type of plus size clothing if you put on her.

If you are looking for the plus size female mannequin, she should be on the top of your list!


abstract mannequin

You've been asking for plus-size mannequins dummy full body, and here it is. As part of our new collection, these plus size dummy full body mannequins are very popular, they have a plump figure and are perfect for showing off clothes in sizes XXXL. The model is equipped with an oval face shape, which can be matched with different styles of clothes at will, without being obtrusive, and it can also bring out the style of your clothes. If you need the big size mannequins,this dummy full body don't miss it!


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