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The AVIS1-V is a female vintage plus size mannequin model that is with fabric covered torso and head. Plus size mannequins have gotten very popular amongst many women's clothing retailers in the past few years. 
She is made of high-quality fiberglass that will look great in your retail store for years to come. This is a quality product that is very popular amongst all of our customers looking for a plus size model due to its natural pose.
If you are looking for fashion female plus size mannequin,also with fabric body mannequin,this female mannequin will be best one to choose! 


abstract mannequin

You've been asking for plus-size mannequins dummy full body, and here it is. As part of our new collection, these plus size dummy full body mannequins are very popular, they have a plump figure and are perfect for showing off clothes in sizes XXXL. The model is equipped with an oval face shape, which can be matched with different styles of clothes at will, without being obtrusive, and it can also bring out the style of your clothes. If you need the big size mannequins,this dummy full body don't miss it!


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