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PLUSMAN Plus size male mannequin

He is perfect for plus-size and sports clothing because of his muscular and strong body. What is also great about this plus size male mannequin is his neutral pose.

This plus size male mannequin commands a strong presence and will be a perfect way to display the male clothing you need him to.

If you are looking for big size mannequin,this will be good to choose,we also have other style mannequins,also plus size female mannequin if you need,don't forget to contact with us get the mannequin catalog


abstract mannequin

This is a set of plus-size clothing male mannequins models. In the market, there are many customers who have demand for plus-size clothing models. We designed this set of models to meet the requirements of clothing stores and designers. This group of plus size clothing models is very popular, and his posture is relatively popular, so it is suitable for the display of various clothes

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