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P LU S S M AN - Y male plus size mannequin

PLUSMAN -Y male plus size mannequin 

This is a male mannequin made by a professional designer team in 2023.The designer studied more muscle lines and fashionable posture of the manikin.

The arms of the manikin naturally droop, the left leg slightly bends, and the right leg straightens. The head is a carved head with facial features, the whole face is a feature of European and American people, which is very fashionable. The toes are separated, and you can wear any shoes, including flip-flops.

The sample is white color, but you can customize any color of paint. The material is durable fiberglass. Metal base or glass base can be provided.


abstract mannequin

This is a set of plus-size clothing male mannequins models. In the market, there are many customers who have demand for plus-size clothing models. We designed this set of models to meet the requirements of clothing stores and designers. This group of plus size clothing models is very popular, and his posture is relatively popular, so it is suitable for the display of various clothes

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