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This SQ12 is exactly a popular choice foot mannequin because of his unique and stylish design.
we helped one customer designed this foot mannequin, and we are sharing copyright with that client through cut down their invest. Tell me when you have interest in it too.
As the only flexible models factory of featured online, we accept custom manufactured according to any exclusive design from clients.
We can help you design it through 3D dreawings according the mannequins you need, after get your approval on the details visible pictures from all views, you can get a 3D printed sample if you need, more important whole develop cost of any new item will be the lowest compared with all other 3D design team, because we have own own 3D design team inside of our company.


abstract mannequin

For unique display of your retail clothing, we offer our collection of SQ mannequins which will set your retail business apart from all others. This type of mannequin is quite suitable for high-end stores. These mannequins are hot sale in market,they have cheap price with high quality,if you are looking for mannequins factory in China,then don't miss us!


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