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This legs mannequin comes in a matte white finish. If you are looking for the classic legs female mannequin? This is the one. She has a straight standing pose that is away with no frills. She is a classic and of very high quality. 

 This leg mannequin can also come in a set if you are looking for mannequins that match but have a different pose.If you are looking for mannequins to display pants,this will be good to choose,and we also have other styles mannequins,if you need,please feel free contact with us!


abstract mannequin

For unique display of your retail clothing, we offer our collection of SQ mannequins which will set your retail business apart from all others. This type of mannequin is quite suitable for high-end stores. These mannequins are hot sale in market,they have cheap price with high quality,if you are looking for mannequins factory in China,then don't miss us!


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