Third-generation ghost

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GH35 is the female version of GH34, it is also designed and developed for customer' special needs which they want to use on one famous automatic photographing machine. Our invisible woman ghost mannequin comes with even more removable pieces to make her the ultimate product for female fashion photography. If you are looking for the "ghost effect" that is one of the biggest trends in e-commerce and fashion photography, this is the model you need in your studio.

This invisible woman ghost mannequin comes in a matte white finish which is the best color for product photography to cut out any glare or shine.

Third-generation ghost

ghost mannequin

Ghost mannequin makes the photography more easy and efficient. Our 3rd generation ghost mannequins are with more movable pieces and have more display possibilities. If you are a fashion photographer looking to increase the quality and efficiency of your clothing photos, this is the female invisible ghost mannequin you want. Ensure absolute consistency among all of your product photos with this high-quality mannequin and reduce the whole photography and production process.

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