Third-generation ghost

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New Product Female Invisible Ghost Mannequin

The latest ghost model you are looking forward to is out, this is more dicing than before, more functional and practical.
With this versatile invisible model, you can shoot a variety of styles of fashionable women's clothing, as a photographer, you no longer have to worry about the props you shoot. If you're looking for a prop that reflects the "ghost effect" of fashion photography, then this is the model you need for your studio. Get it in your pocket!
This latest Female Invisible Ghost Mannequin uses a matte white finish that is the perfect choice for apparel photography, eliminating any glare or shine.
When you take it, you will be given a steel base with wheels so you can move around the studio. Add more convenience to your work

Third-generation ghost

ghost mannequin

Ghost mannequin makes the photography more easy and efficient. Our 3rd generation ghost mannequins are with more movable pieces and have more display possibilities. If you are a fashion photographer looking to increase the quality and efficiency of your clothing photos, this is the female invisible ghost mannequin you want. Ensure absolute consistency among all of your product photos with this high-quality mannequin and reduce the whole photography and production process.

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