Third-generation ghost

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Fashion ghost mannequin male invisible mannequin

The latest multi-functional ghost male model that you have been waiting for for a long time has finally come out. This is one of the best-selling models we have launched based on the needs of fashion photographers and fashion apparel brands.
If you want to reduce the difficulty of retouching and shoot a more satisfactory three-dimensional costume picture, then you will choose the model.
This fashion ghost mannequin male invisible mannequin is trusted and used by the major brands in the fashion industry. He has detachable magnets that are easy to assemble and disassemble. We have been producing and selling this ghost model for many years, and our experience and feedback from our customers have made us The product is getting more and more perfect.
This invisible ghost model will be equipped with a base with wheels. When you use it in the studio, you can easily move the wheels to change the angle of the model, so that it is very convenient to shoot clothes at different angles.
This model has a matte white body, which is the color required for photography. The matte color reduces the glare caused by the light, ensuring that your product is beautiful and not distracting.

Third-generation ghost

ghost mannequin

Ghost mannequin makes the photography more easy and efficient. Our 3rd generation ghost mannequins are with more movable pieces and have more display possibilities. If you are a fashion photographer looking to increase the quality and efficiency of your clothing photos, this is the female invisible ghost mannequin you want. Ensure absolute consistency among all of your product photos with this high-quality mannequin and reduce the whole photography and production process.

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