First-generation ghost

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Invisible Male Ghost Mannequin 

This invisible male ghost mannequin model that you are expecting has been developed. The dicing of multiple parts of the body and the connection of the magnet parts to the dicing part facilitate the combination and disassembly during the photography process.
With this invisible male ghost mannequin model, you can shoot suits, shirts, sportswear, and more! It can be said that with this model, you don't have to worry about your studio needs to buy more different models to showcase the clothes.
This male invisible mannequin model uses a smooth matte white surface to paint, and will not be reflected by the illumination of the light during the photo. It is more convenient and quick to process the picture later.
This mannequin model has a base with four wheels, so you can easily move to the position you need to show, so you don't have to spend too much time shooting the details of the clothing at all angles.

First-generation ghost

ghost mannequin

Ghost mannequins are designed for quick and easy photo shoot in your online store.

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