First-generation ghost

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Children Ghost Mannequin Invisible Mannequin kid photography GHK112

This GHK112 model is a 12-year-old invisible model. He doesn't distinguish between men and women, so you can use his clothes for boys and girls. It's just too convenient!
The top half of this model has three cutouts, and you can take different cuts and take different styles of clothing. The fittings of the model are inlaid with magnets, making it easier to disassemble and assemble.
This ghost mannequin kids photography mannequin model is made of high-quality FRP material, which makes the body more realistic and realistic. Using this ghost model to shoot clothing will meet your clothing photography needs, and will reduce your post-production difficulties and shorten your processing time.

First-generation ghost

ghost mannequin

Ghost mannequins are designed for quick and easy photo shoot in your online store.

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