First-generation ghost

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Female Headless Clothes Display Mannequin Ghost Mannequins

The GH11S female ghost mannequin is the first version of the ghost model developed. The ghost model can help the clothing company create a "ghost" effect for their clothing photography, highlighting the visual effect of the clothing. This invisible photographic tool is more convenient and efficient than the normal mannequin in photoshopy editing during photography and post-production.
These models are called invisible ghost mannequins because they make clothes look like floating, just like ghosts wearing them. Use this mannequin to shoot clothing to save you time and money. This ghost model has a V-neck cut for V-neck shirts and button-down shirts.
The V-cut has two cutouts that are magnetized to fit the type of shirt you display on the invisible mannequin. The cleavage of the arms can also be shown in long sleeves or short-sleeved shirts, reducing the tedious steps of rear retouching.
This display mannequin ghost mannequins mold is made of high-quality fiberglass material with a smooth matte white surface that does not cause glare in photographic shooting.

First-generation ghost

ghost mannequin

Ghost mannequins are designed for quick and easy photo shoot in your online store.

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